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Remote betting operators in effective detection of online betting

Remote betting operators refer to a betting service provided via the internet, mobile phone or interactive television which use sophisticated security measures that mean that all suspicious bets, and the identity of those placing those bets, can be traced and reported to sports federations or national authorities. The site policy should describe repercussions when an underage player is identified including immediate stoppage of play, account closure and confiscation of winnings.

The phenomenon of online gambling has encouraged people to direct their work into various areas, including the characteristics or profile of online gamblers. In light of the data on the growth of the market for online gambling it is evident that, in the relation between the many types of traditional and online gambling, visits to traditional casinos predominate, as do predictions about the development of the internet. The age verification process should be required as a part of registration. We therefore decided to examine the characteristics of gamblers in traditional casinos and to determine what percentage of them also gamble online, as well as to establish their profile. With the development of new information and communication technologies, internet and the new forms of online commerce have emerged.